Sunday, February 8, 2009

Small Adventures in Our Daily Life

Due to all the cold and bad weather around here we have been in the house LOTS!! Trying to stay healthy. So this weekend we planned some family adventures. Looking back most of it was very simple but some best times are just enjoying time together.
So here is a glimpse of what we did this weekend. Friday my dh took M ice skating. My dd had so much fun. I got to stay home with the babies and read. I enjoy having time alone it isn't often that the house is quiet. Saturday we did some simple stuff around our house. First it was to Home Depot to make a Valentines box. It was a bit tricky but turned out sooooo cute. Tomorrow we are going to paint them. That should be an adventure by itself. Z really thought that the adventure was going to Home Depot. At 1 1/2 she wanted to touch every thing! She was very fond of some nylon rope!? Scary to ponder what was going through her mind at the time. Then we were off to the library. DH and I did our marriage study together well Z played in the kids area. She loves to explore the kids play area but most days we are too busy to spend much time there. She had lots of time to do puppets, puzzles and play with the train table. Then it was home for naps for all besides mom. I was able to sneak out and get some fun things for Valentines Day.
Sunday we went to church in the morning. We had a great time of worship. Then it was off to the Zoo!! I was a bit worried to go to the zoo in February but we had a wonderful time. Z was thrilled with all the animals. I love to see the joy on her face! It was a good thing she is so young though because otherwise I would have to explain why the bison was drinking the pee of the other bison?!?! Uck! I have no idea and don't want to try to explain that. We went to Rocky Rocco's after the Zoo. There use to be one closer to us that dh and I went to when we were dating. It was a great weekend together and very much needed. Life can get so busy.

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