Wednesday, January 28, 2009

baby Ava 6 months old today

Ava having you get older is bittersweet. I love to see how much you have grown, in personality and size. I am amazed that God has brought us through us so much in this wonderful 6 months! Ava I worried about you so much before you were born and then those moments after you were born and you didn't cry was the scariest feeling that I have ever had. But God has a plan for you little Ava! He knew that you would do things in your own time and that the little baby girl that didn't want to eat would soon be eating whole bottles in record time. That the joy of hearing your first cry would be even more wonderful when I had to wait a bit to hear it. Now I get to hear you laugh and I love to see the wonder fo your personality. I still pray for you all the time but now it is with a trust that you are not just precious in my sight but in a Might God who is awesome to save!! Lord it is my prayer today that you let me led Ava to your wonderful love. Thank you Lord for what a wonderful blessing that she is to me! Help me to remember this time with her because I know that it goes by so very fast.


  1. Beautiful tribute, Kelli. She is sooo sweet!

  2. VERY CUTE!!
    Look at those chubby cheeks!!