Monday, January 19, 2009

Creating Space to Dance Together

When we feel lonely we keep looking for a person or persons who can take our loneliness away. Our lonely hearts cry out, "Please hold me, touch me, speak to me, pay attention to me." But soon we discover that the person we expect to take our loneliness away cannot give us what we ask for. Often that person feels oppressed by our demands and runs away, leaving us in despair. As long as we approach another person from our loneliness, no mature human relationship can develop. Clinging to one another in loneliness is suffocating and eventually becomes destructive. For love to be possible we need the courage to create space between us and to trust that this space allows us to dance together. - Henri Nouwen

Do I look to others to take my loneliness away!? I have come to realize that no one besides my Lord can take it away from me. I am spending time searching God's word for His truth regarding me. There is no where that I can go away form God. Even though God know every thing about me (He has examined my heart), He is still with me. What an amazing thought.
Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. Psalm 25:16

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16
Today I am going to spend extra time in prayer and work on memorizing Psalms 139!

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